The Trail of Greater Andruil

ACT I: Chapter 1

Missing Persons

People…many things bring people together. But the most powerful of them all, desperation.

Our heroes receive word that one of their beloved is missing, each with a letter directing them to the town of Matterholm. Here our champions first meet.

Each of our heroes eventually finds the town hall, where the mayor usually operates. Entering the building the druid notices three interesting symbols above the door. A five pointed star, a triangle with a circle at the centre and a strange arrangement of lines. Perhaps religious or related to the town’s history.

As each member of the future party arrives, they talk to secretary Rae who seems displeased at the sight of our heroes, looks agitated, as if she couldn’t wait to finish work. All waiting to see the leader of the town, they examine each other, questioning their presence. More time is given to the tall lizard-like creature carrying a large tome. Danvilok, the halfling Bard seemed impatient, becoming more irritable for each minute that passes. As his patience runs out he steps forward, demanding to see the major. He eventually manages to secure a meeting with the mayor.

A figure steps into the room, the expression on his face lifts as he sees the party before him. Turning to Rae, he gives a gentle smile, giving her a nod. Rae asks them to step forward as she calls out their name as they introduce themselves.

Standing in their own corner, unbeknownst to the adventure ahead, they are each called:

  • Aelar Moonwhisper, the Elven Druid – belonging to the circle of the moon in Aldergrass Forest, the chief of the circle, also his adoptive father, is reported missing.
  • Brassingr, the Dragonborne Wizard – with his parents missing, he has travelled great distances in search for them
  • Danvilok Red’Ash, the Halfling Bard & Actor extraordinaire – while touring Greater Andruil as a solo performer, he received a letter from his estranged father, alerting Danny that his beloved sister has run away to Matterholm, pleading him to save the only family he has left
  • Kain the Galian Paladin – once a sergeant in the army of Farsky
  • Morgash, the Half-Orc Barbarian – a simple creature, with a simple motivation, he wants his fucking boat

He speaks with charisma and confidence as he introduces himself, Mathias the major of Matterholm. He gestures his hands with large sweeping motions as he welcomes the champions to the small town. There’s a giddy-like tone to his voice, he’s very excited to meet these people, perhaps too much so. Maybe he loves his job as mayor that much?

In the moment after they are done with introductions, there is a moment where they all should have burst into a clamour. Instead, in that very moment, Mathias interrupts them with his presence announcing that he knows the reason for their visit. He informs the heroes of people disappearing, with only one lead. He talks of an eerie crypt that may provide some answers, naturally, our adventures are drawn to this news and set off immediately.



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